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Kayak tour "Wild Patagonia"

22 Days on foot and by kayak through southern Chile


The high­lights of the tour:

  • Unique journey into the untouched nature at the end of the world
  • Drive through the windswept Pata­gonian stepe/div>
  • Trekking to the magni­ficent natural wonders in the famous Torres del Paine national park
  • Crossing by catamaran the Lago Pehoe
  • Drive on the adven­turous road "Car­retera Austral"
  • By kayak across the Lago General Carrera and the caves in the Capilla del Marmól
  • 4 Days of kayaking on the Rio Baker, the largest river in Chile
  • Visit the isla de los Muertos in the middle of the Rio Baker
  • With the kayak to Caleta Tortel, the Venice of Patagonia
  • Kayak tour through the winding fjords of the Pacific, past deep blue icebergs to the glacier Jorge Montt


Tour des­cription:

On this journey you will discover the diverse landscapes of Patagonia and expe­rience first hand the magni­ficent natural landscape and how the mighty Torres-peaks and the Paine Massif from the Pampas stand up like raging rivers plunge into valleys. You will see the condor, the king of the skies circling above you ... At the same time you can paddle in one of the remotest and wildest regions of Chile. Only a few brave pioneers settled in this rugged region, because the natural barriers such as dense jungles, bizarre mountains, deep valleys and gigantic ice masses separated this area from the rest of the world. Here they are still there, the white spots on the map and the many unclimbed peaks that often bear not even a name.

Only in the 70 years it has begun, a gravel road - to timber through the vast jungle - the Car­retera Austral. This adven­turous road will take you to the starting point of your kayak tour on the Rio Baker in which you paddle through the jungle to the mouth at the Pacific. The diverse flora and fauna of this wild and lonely nature of Patagonia will inspire you. The evenings will be spent at a campfire while lis­tening to the voice of the jungle. With the end of the Rio Baker can be reached at the same time Pacific and the pic­tu­resque bay of Caleta Tortel in which all are connected only with Pasarelas houses, bridges, ladders and stairs made of wood. Hidden in the river delta of the Rio Baker, is the mys­terious Isla de los Muertos, the island of the dead, give up their moss-covered wooden crosses still many mys­teries. By kayak, it goes through the rugged fjords of the Pacific, past deep blue, towering icebergs and you approach the bizarre Jorge Montt Glacier, the largest ice field outside the polar ice and see how it breaks off into the sea.




1st day: Flight from your airport to Santiago de Chile.


2nd day: Arrival in Santiago de Chile. Next flight to Punta Arenas, the most southern city in the world. Here you will be greeted by your guide and accom­panied to the hotel in the center of the town. [-|-|-]

3rd day: cross-country trip in a com­fortable minibus through the spec­tacular expanse of the windswept Pata­gonian steppe directly into the Torres del Paine National Park. At Laguna Amarga you are watched by herds of guanaco and the rhea ostrich. With views of the Paine Towers, follow the vertical rise from the pampas to the gravel road to the Salto Grande, the largest waterfall in the park. Cross with a catamaran the tur­quoise waters of Lake Pehoe and reach the first camp, where you will have your accom­mo­dation of the next two nights. [B|-|D]


Wasserfall4th day: Start with the day pack to one of the high­lights of the park. The hike takes you through stunning scenery along the Lago Grey to the incredible Grey Glacier. With 26km in length, the glacier moves as a gigantic river of ice from the Pata­gonian ice field down until it crashs in the Lago Grey, by allowing you to admire the deep blue bergs. Return to camp at Lake Pehoe. [B|L|D]


Torres del Paine5th day: Today you walk along a path to the Valle Frances, a valley reaching into the heart of the Paine massif, which is dominated by steep granite cliffs rising. Here is a brea­thtaking view of the Frances Glacier, the majestic and mighty Cuernos Paine Grande. Late afternoon return by catamaran on Lake Pehoe. In the evening light, it goes to the next camp, where you will spend two nights. [B|L|D]


6th day: On this day trip you hike to the spec­tacular Torres del Paine - vantage point. This unfor­gettable excursion through Pata­gonian landscape shrub up into the valley Asencio, where you will cross several streams and beech forests. All efforts and overcome the dif­ferent heights of 720 meters will be rewarded with a unique panorama: The summit of the granite towers, Las Torres, where the National Park owes its name, perched in front of you, 2,000 feet above a glacier lagoon. In the afternoon back to camp. [B|L|D]


7th day: The morning is for your leisure. You can relax or explore on an easy hike at the foot of Mount Almirante Nieto along the Laguna Overall, the nature itself. In the afternoon we drive to the beach of the Seno Otway. Here you can see the hundreds of Magellanic penguins in their colony and observe first hand how these cute water birds nest and raise their young in summer. It goes on the ride back to Punta Arenas. Overnight stay at a hotel [B|L|-]


Julio8th day: Early morning transfer to the airport and a domestic flight to Bal­maceda, where you are received by a local tour guide. In a com­fortable mini bus drive on the road Car­retera Austral through the most varied mountain landscapes to the 6000 year old rock paintings by the Tehuelche Indians. Continue through dense jungle to the tur­quoise Lago General Carrera, the second largest lake in South America, where you will receive an intro­duction to kayaking. You stay on the beautiful shores of Lake General Carrera, in the beautiful Puerto Tranquilo. [B|-|D]


9th day: In the morning you start a half day kayak tour through the caves and also the "Capilla de Marmol", a bizarre rock island with banded marble and you can make yourself familiar with the kayaks. In the afternoon we continue with our bus on the shore of Lago General Carrera along the Lago Negro, with its fan­tastic views of the snow-capped mountains to the romantic village of Puerto Bertrand, at the springs of the Rio Baker. Overnight stay in com­fortable cabins. [B|-|-]


San Lorenzo10th day: This morning you climb through southern beech forests of Cerro Mirrador mountain from which you will have a look to the vast Pata­gonian Icecap. Later you drive along the Rio Baker to the starting point of your 4-day kayak trip to Cochrane. On the beach of Rio Baker you build up the tent camp and end the day at a campfire with a typical "asado" - end the Chilean national drink - a lamb on a spit & "Pisco Sour". [B|-|D]


11th day: In the morning load up the kayaks and start your canoe trip on the largest river in Chile over the Rio Colonia, the sediment-rich water directly flowing from the glaciers of the ice field into the Rio Baker. A little later you reach the first rapids in which we portage the boats together or by expe­rienced kayakers can also be traveled. You glide silently through the milky water through the middle of the jungle. Past wooded islands we reach, after a short transfer to our camp­ground at the Playa del Rio Ven­tisquero. Common cooking over open fires. [B|L|D]


12th day: After having breakfast you take your kayak over not gla­ciated mountain ranges and smooth polished rock for­mations that can conceal its icy past. At Salton, where are falling down the millions of cubic meters of water from the Rio Baker, you reach your camp for the next two nights. [B|L|D]


13th day: Today team spirit is required, because you start the day with axe and machete, to build the necessary trans­por­tation for the kayak to take them yourself so that you can cope with Salton. You will work together on ropes and leave the kayaks back to the river bank. After a hard day's "work" you can enjoy the spec­tacular view down to the waterfall from the Tunél del Baker, an old, almost overgrown pioneer oath, the first explorers who ventured into the wil­derness. [B|L|D]


14th day: From the banks of the Salton del Baker continue today on the river, past the counter Rapidos Borques rapids on the Rio Baker ever-widening the Pacific. The mountain ranges covered with fog and virgin forests line the banks and the tides are felt. In the afternoon you arrive at the river delta located in the legendary and mys­terious Isla de los Muertos, the Isle of the Dead. In the evening you will reach the Pacific Ocean and the pic­tu­resque bay of Caleta Tortel. Here you will camp on the Playa de Tortel and can look forward to a warm shower at the hos­pedaje Lady Landeros. [B|L|D]


15th day: In the morning it takes about 4 hours with the Lancha (boat) with Don Paulo Landeros together through the canals similar to fjords passing the first icebergs to a lonely Campo (farm) of the Landeros family. Expe­rience for yourself the hard Campo life of the gauchos at the end of the world and stay a day for visit. Overnight stay in tents. [B|L|D]


16th day: Today we continue to the bizarre Jorge - Montt - glacier, trans­porting the kayaks with the Lancha. That glaciers calves from the largest ice outside the polar caps directly into the sea. Closely you can paddle past giant, glowing deep blue ice bergs and thus expe­rience Patagonia in its purest kind. In the evening you return to the Lancha to Caleta Tortel and stay with Lady Landeros and her family in the guest room. [B|L|D]


17th day: Today you can take your time to explore Caleta Tortel. In this 300-strong com­munity the smell of cypress-wood is in the air. With its extensive Pasarelas, the boardwalks sprayed a very special flair, the "Venice of the South". Be amazed by the uni­queness of Tortel and its rustic inha­bitants. Neither roads nor hotels are found here, only three families have decorated guest rooms for visitors. In a circular walk through the pic­tu­resque village up to a lookout point, you can enjoy a spec­tacular fjord scenery and return on a nature trail to the sandy beach. [B|-|D]


18th day: Return in our minibus passing the fas­ci­nating scenic Car­retera Austral, the pro­vincial capital of Coy­haique. We offer you the oppor­tunity optionally by light aircraft to view the spec­tacular Northern Pata­gonian ice field and the spec­tacular scenery from the air and so return back to Coy­haique. The other nights are spent in a cozy Hostaria. [B|-|-]


19th day: After the exciting tour you have the last chance to buy some sou­venirs on the hand craft market in Coy­haique and to explore and enjoy the sur­roundings with the local attractions or simply laze around. [B|-|-]


20th day: This day is entirely at your disposal. You can optionally use the oppor­tu­nities of a kayak tour in the nearby Lake District, ride with gauchos through the Reserva Coy­haique, followed by Asado or go hiking. [B|-|-]


21st day: After having breakfast we transfer you to the inter­na­tional airport by to Bal­maceda and return full of new expe­riences via Santiago de Chile to your home country. [B|-|-]


22nd day: Arrival in your home country.


Addi­tional bookable option

Due to suitable weather con­­ditions, we offer you the optional oppor­tunity of the unique charter flight from Caleta Tortel back to Coy­haique, the northern ice field, with its massive peaks, glaciers and lakes of Patagonia and the sen­sa­tional picture overall look at even from a bird's eye view.

This option is available depending on the number of people and only decided at the location!




  • English-speaking guide on the whole tour
  • National flight from Punta Arenas to Bal­maceda
  • All airport-transfers; all trips in a com­fortable minibus
  • All excursions, all national park entrance fees; kayak equipment, kayaks from Prijon (german pro­duction), boat and catamaran trips according to the pro­gramme
  • All overnight stays and board as advertised, [B|L|D] B: Breakfast; L: Lunch; LP: Lunch box; D: Dinner
  • Kayak tour including full board from camping kitchen including crockery and cutlery; overnight stay in high-quality tents for two persons including sleeping pads

Equipment from Akti­voTOURS:

  • Kayaks for two people from PRIJON (german pro­duction)
  • Paddles, life wests, spray decks, neoprene gloves
  • Litter bags, bilge pumps, radio, 1 waterproof bag (34L) per Person

Addi­tional expenses

Flight to Punta Arenas and Bal­maceda back home via Santiago de Chile (Flight price from about 890 €), not men­tioned meals and beverages, indi­vidual excursions and acti­vities (optional charter flight from Tortel to Coy­haique

Pre­li­minary pro­gramme (optional)

2 Days Santiago with sight­seeing tour and overnight stay in a hotel: Infor­mations


good fitness, at 3 points common portage of kayaks; sense of adventure and sacrifice in comfort, safe handling of the kayak, river and openness to expe­rience the locals'

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from 3.590,- €

Single room surcharge: 290,- €

Surcharge 4-5 persons: 295,- €




min. 4, max. 10 persons




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